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This product already has a stable position in the market and many of our customers choose it because it has multi-purposes and is comprehensible at the same time.

Oy Nemcel Ltd. nemJIGSE-5G is based on the ASTM D4935-10 standard. Dimensions of the jig are optimized numerically to allow the best performance over wide operating frequency range; 1 MHz .. 5 GHz. Jig has female SMA-type connector. The package contains:

  • nemJIGSE-ASTM (1 MHz..5 GHz matched pair)
  • 2 x 6 dB attenuator (DC..6 GHz)
  • 2 x high quality RF cables (DC..6 GHz, 1.2 m, SMA-male/SMA-male)
  • Jig support for measurement setup
  • Plastic case for the jigs and accessories 

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